Kelsey, Alice

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website:   About the Artist Alice Kelsey is a full-time artist whose work is regularly exhibited and receives awards in... View Article

Mundie, James

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website:  For over fifteen years, James Mundie has produced sensitive portraits of human oddities, people professionally and popularly known... View Article

Drdak, Maureen

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Facebook:   MAUREEN DRDAK   ARTIST STATEMENT My work is an exploration of philosophical and cultural synthesis in which eastern and western iconographies and cultural paradigms are meaningfully integrated, bringing together disparate materials, traditional and contemporary aesthetics, and symbolic language.  I enlist and explore imagery that bridges diverse cultural paradigms in the service of transcultural communication. Over the last decade my work has been deeply inspired by my travels in Asia, especially the Himalayas where I conducted my recent 2011-2012 Fulbright research, and the deserts of the American West; these landscapes are powerful metaphors for the universality of physical and cultural forces in opposition and integration, and my selection and application of materials are reflective of these energies in eternal congress.  Growing threats to these sublime geographies and their cultures are the ominous forces of global warming, compounded by demographic expansion and dislocation.  Believing that the powerful and expressive potential of indigenous ways of seeing and knowing can be effectively harnessed to contemporary art practice, my work endeavors to engage the viewer on a visceral level–thereby visually accelerating meaningful apprehension of these growing forces of degradation and dislocation, and increasing awareness of the interrelationship of environmental and cultural preservation. M A U R E E N  D R D A K                P 610.649.5694                E CV (ABBREVIATED) SOLO EXHIBITIONS... View Article

Feissel, Diane

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Diane Feissel is a painter currently living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She studied painting at Bryn Mawr College and Haverford... View Article